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Hand Picked Ingredients

Finding the right ingredients can be tough. We believe that having the right Produce, Meat and Herbs can make or break a dish. It is for this reason that we source as much as we absolutely can locally. This always means fresh and awesome tasting food, while supporting all of our Local Business and Farmers here in the Peace.  These are just some of our items that we source locally:

  • Farm Fresh Eggs and Honey from the Hutterites.
  • Freshly Cut meat from the Butcher Block and Lawrence’s Meat Packing
  • Most of our Produce is from Dave’s No Frills (another locally owned and operated business)
  • The rest is supplied by Wrights Food Service right here in Dawson Creek (they are not only a Local Business, but they also support and distribute items from other local producers).

The proof is in the pudding as my Gramma says, stop by one of our Locations and taste the difference for yourself.

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